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Direct access to real-time capacity

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Uber Freight and Cloud Logistics by E2open (Cloud Logistics) are partnering to provide shippers with a new level of ease, flexibility and rate transparency to successfully secure capacity in today’s increasingly uncertain and fast-moving markets.

This integration will allow shippers on the cloud-based Cloud Logistics Transportation Management System (TMS) to seamlessly access Uber Freight’s real-time pricing and expansive network of over 65K carriers without leaving the platform. Shippers can get set up quickly and gain access to rates and available capacity within as little as 24 hours.


Track, trace and report KPIs that are important to your bottom line.


Easy to train staff and carriers. Go live in weeks, not months.


All the functionality you need, none you don't.

Seamless integration
Gain greater control of your supply chain without changing your workflow. Access Uber Freight’s network of carriers directly within the Cloud Logistics TMS.

Real-time pricing
Take advantage of current market conditions. Uber Freight’s pricing algorithm gives Cloud Logistics users a higher level of transparency to capture new pricing opportunities.

Instant capacity
Access the capacity you need 24/7. Uber Freight’s growing network of 65K+ carriers gives shippers nationwide, around-the-clock access to the capacity they need.

Uber Freight and Cloud Logistics Working Together